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We are EggField – an alternative protein startup revolutionizing the baking industry. We develop our own egg substitute and help our food industry partners to transit from animal based ingredients to plant based solutions. We are a team of experienced founders and well connected to industry and research. We are looking for support in financing, scaling and distribution.

the problem

Humans consume 77 million metric tons of eggs per year. That makes 1.2 trillion pieces – or – if you put them in a row – a row reaching 171 times around the equator. Half of them are used as industrial ingredients in the processing industry to make consumer products. Because 90% of global chicken are kept in factory farming, industrial eggs often come from the worst animal welfare conditions which creates dangers to human health such as pandemics. Producing animal protein on scale also creates other problems e.g. by emitting more CO 2 than all airplanes, trains, ships and cars combined, putting pressure on our ecosystem and climate.

our solution

Our first product replaces industrial egg white used in baking products with an organic plant based solution. Made from a secret mix of legumes treated in a multistep process, it is cruelty- and salmonella-free and consistent in quality without compromising on taste or appearance. It performs better than egg white in foaming, consistency and customizability for various uses in processing. It is up to 9x cheaper than its reference from animal origin, which has seen a steady price increase over the last years.

the opportunity

Outperforming plant based meat and milk, egg ist the fastest growing plant-based category (+192% 2018 /2019) estimating to reach 1’373 M USD by 2023. Looking at the use of egg as an industrial ingredient, the addressable market for EggField amounts to 1.3 bn USD in DACH alone. The plant based movement has come to stay and is driven by a new generation. 25% of all Swiss under 30 could imagine consuming only vegan food.

where we are heading

In our mission to replace eggs, we are building up a team of food engineers that is developing, optimizing and scaling multiple solutions and technologies to emulate eggs and their multifaceted functions in consumer products. By becoming a market-leading knowhow conveyer for egg replacers we become development partners for large industrial processing firms in Europe in their transition to plant based products. Currently our first product EggField white is being tested by leading bakeries for durable sweet goods. First badges of goods are available in organic stores in Switzerland (scaling to 130 stores by Sept 20).

who we are

We are a team of experienced researchers, food engineers (ETH & Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and industry experts with a track record in venture building. We are supported by Swiss Food Research and leading individuals in research, agronomy, industry and sustainability.

what we need

We are looking for potential partners supporting us in financing, scaling and distribution to help bring our product to half a billion consumers in the European Union and beyond. For further questions or inquiries please feel free to reach out at : silvan@eggfield.com

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