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Food Scientist

Food Scientist
In the field of Protein Extraction & Process Engineering

We’re Lena, Katharina and Anik and founded Fabas in 2021. We’re fueled by a simple yet powerful mission: to develop pulse-based products everyone enjoys. We kicked off our start-up journey with consumer products made of pulses grown by «our» farmers in Switzerland, to increase our impact we are now focusing on pulse-based ingredients for the industry.

We do not just want to meet the standards with our pulse-based ingredients. By combining novel extraction and fermentation techniques we want to set a new benchmark regarding quality, sustainability, and taste.

We’re not about making noise and enforcing a food revolution; we believe that it’s a subtle shift that has the power to change the way we eat. Get on board now, if you are ready to build the basis for a new generation of plant-based products with us!

Now that you have an idea of who we are, let’s check if your needs and our needs align:

For us it is a given that you want to have an impact on the way we eat and farm in the future and that you are a «foodie at heart». We are looking for someone who is ready to contribute their experience and knowledge to help shape and develop innovative food technology. Do you want to take over responsibility, lead your own projects (in collaboration with Katharina, our CTO) and organize your work independently?

If you can answer these questions with a whole-hearted yes, let’s move on, to what you need to know in order to thrive at Fabas:
Do you know how to think „out-of-the-box“ to innovatively improve our processes and technologies? Do you know how to apply your knowledge in food processing, in application development and in food physics for the development of innovative products? And last but not least are you able to work efficiently and on your own initiative? Start-up life is amazing, if you can handle working independently – it is probably not as much fun for people who prefer to stay on familiar ground.

If you happily made it as far and you can also tick the following boxes, you might be match for us:

  • an education in food technology, process engineering, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or in a similar field;
  • first experiences in the field of protein extraction or extrusion; ideally within product development or scaling industrial processes
  • sufficient experience in lab work to organize yourself independently;
  • and of course an open, curious, proactive and approach to life and work.

If this sounds like the perfect challenge for you? Get in touch and introduce yourself! We are looking forward to receiving your application: anik@fabas.ch


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